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Patients may desire a chin implant for a variety of reasons, such as achieving a more prominent chin, improving their overall facial proportions and shape, or reducing the appearance of jowls. With chin implant surgery, Dr. Lawrence Tong can enhance the size and shape of the chin for a more balanced, and natural-looking appearance.

Considering the unique cosmetic goals of each patient, Dr. Tong customizes each chin implant procedure to meet his or her needs. Chin implants of different sizes and shapes are used to increase the forward projection of the chin, the width, as well as the shape. Some implants provide a more ‘square’ jawline, while some create a sharper, ‘heart shaped’ appearance. The dimensions and applications of any specific implant will be thoroughly discussed during the initial consultation, and ‘sizers’ are used to give patients an idea of how the final results may look. Furthermore, Dr. Tong can provide a digital simulation of your chin implant surgery by using the Vectra 3D imaging system. There is no extra cost for the simulation, and it only takes a few minutes to complete in his office.

In addition to the implant size and shape, the surgical method used during the procedure is important to consider. When the surgical incision is placed inside of the mouth (intra oral approach), there is no external scarring. However, with this method, the placement of the implant can be more difficult and the risk of infection may be higher when compared to an external incision. When the surgical incision is placed externally (submental approach), Dr. Tong can more precisely position the implant and the risk of infection is typically lower than an intraoral approach. Regardless of which surgical technique is selected for your customized chin implant procedure, Dr. Tong will prioritize your safety and take special care to minimize the visibility of any scarring. During the consultation process, Dr. Tong will review these options so that you can make a well-informed decision to attain the look you seek while using the safest approach.