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As your forehead and brow region ages, you may notice that the natural arch of the brow becomes flat or even sloped downwards at the sides. In addition, the entire brow may sit at a lower position when compared to years past. Offered by Dr. Lawrence Tong—our plastic surgeon in Toronto—a lateral forehead lift is suited for patients that have mild to moderate descent of the brow and lateral forehead.

The Aesthetically Ideal Brow

In youth, the brow should sit just above the level of the upper edge of the eye socket. The outer portion of the brow is higher than the inner portion as it slopes gently upwards, before descending slightly at its tail. Aging causes the entire brow to sag, especially at the outer portions, resulting in a flat or even sad appearance to the brows.

What a Lateral Brow Lift Does

A lateral brow lift is a procedure that aims to lift the lateral (outer) portion of the brow and restore arch aesthetics. It is a smaller procedure than a forehead lift and is not as comprehensive as a Forehead Lift for forehead rejuvenation. Instead, the lateral brow lift focuses on raising the lateral brow and temple region. It does not eliminate wrinkles between the eyes or central forehead. Since it is a lesser procedure, the recovery tends to be faster with less bruising and swelling.

Do I need a Lateral Brow Lift?

A patient whose primary concern about the forehead/brow region is mild to moderate brow flattening or descent is the best candidate for this procedure. Most patients are middle aged or older. Patients should be generally healthy and fit, with no significant medical problems. Dr. Tong will make sure that you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure during your consultation.

Important Considerations about Lateral Brow Lift

Some will refer to the Lateral Brow Lift as a Mini Forehead Lift. Lateral Brow Lift does not rejuvenate the brow and forehead as extensively as the Open or Endoscopic Forehead/Brow Lift. It should be viewed as an alternative to these procedures whenever the main complaint is mild to moderate descent of the brows, especially in the lateral aspect.

Incisions for Lateral Brow Lift

The incisions for a lateral brow lift are located along the lateral forehead hairline, measuring approximately 3-4 cm. This location hides a scar well because of its natural junction between hair bearing and non-hair bearing skin.

Lateral Brow Lift Procedure

Dr. Tong performs your Lateral Brow Lift under IV sedation or general anesthesia. With general anesthesia, you are asleep and unaware of your surroundings during the procedure. The surgery is conducted 199 Avenue Road, within the plastic surgery complex that houses Dr. Tong’s offices.

Dr. Tong makes the initial incision, and dissection is performed to loosen the tissues of the lateral forehead and lateral brow. The lateral forehead region is then elevated to obtain a natural looking brow arch. The excess skin is removed. Dr. Tong meticulously stitches the incisions closed and a small dressing is applied. With your surgery complete, you are awakened from anesthesia.

Recovery from Lateral Brow Lift Surgery

Recovery Immediately after Lateral Brow Lift Surgery

After your surgery, you will be taken to the recovery area where the effects of the anesthesia will gradually wear off as you are monitored by our nurses. This process takes about 1 hour and you will be allowed to go home afterwards, accompanied by family/friends.

Recovery at Home after Lateral Brow Lift Surgery

After going home, be sure to get some rest. Non-strenuous activities such as reading, watching television, or preparing meals, are permitted. You should expect to feel some ‘tightness’ of the forehead, and perhaps some mild swelling and bruising. Discomfort is typically mild, and you will receive a prescription from Dr. Tong for narcotic pain medications to use as needed.

Follow up after Lateral Brow Lift Surgery

You will see Dr. Tong one week after your surgery, at which time he will remove stitches. Dr. Tong will advise you on activity allowances, but in general, light exercise may begin at 2 weeks and strenuous exercise may start at 4-6 weeks after surgery. Dr. Tong will see you in follow up at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 6 months after surgery to check your progress. Photographs are taken at some of these visits.

Like any procedure, a Lateral Brow Lift has risks and complications associated with it. The risks are low, but do exist. At your consultation, Dr. Tong will go over the pertinent potential risks and complications associated with Lateral Brow Lift procedures.

Become Educated about Lateral Brow Lift

The initial consultation may take over 45 minutes to complete. There is a great deal information to understand during your initial consultation, and Dr. Tong will make sure that you understand all the important details. Our aim is to educate you about your brow and forehead rejuvenation options. We know that an educated patient will make better choices about their surgery and their surgeon. You will never be rushed or pressured to make a decision about having surgery.

To learn more about how Dr. Tong can help you with Brow and Forehead rejuvenation, set up a consultation with Dr. Tong by giving us a call at (416) 972-0999, or let us give you a call; just fill out our contact form and we will call you on the same or the next business day. No doctor’s referral is needed.

Lateral Brow Lift at a Glance

What the procedure does
Lifts the tail of the brow in patients with moderate drooping
Duration of the result
Years to permanent
Length of time to perform the procedure
1 hour
Type of anesthetic most commonly used
IV sedation or general anesthesia
Length of time off of work
5-10 days
Time to get back to exercise
2 weeks for light exercise, 4 weeks for heavy exercise
Pitfalls your Plastic Surgeon should avoid
  • Using this procedure for patients with significant brow drooping will not provide a satisfactory result