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The Plastic Surgery Complex

‘One Toronto Location for All of Your Cosmetic Surgery Visits and Procedures’

Our exclusive cosmetic plastic surgery office, surgery centre, and overnight stay centre are conveniently in one medical complex located in downtown Yorkville. There is no need to travel to one place for your consultation, another for your surgery, and possibly another for your follow-up appointment.

We are conveniently located at 199 Avenue Road, at the northeast corner of Avenue Road and Pears Avenue. For our clients who wish for more discretion, use our beautiful back entrance that faces Ramsden Park, accessible off of Pears Avenue.

Take a virtual tour to preview our surgery centre before even getting here.

Virtual Tour of the Plastic Surgery Complex

Yorkville Toronto Plastic Surgery Office

‘Beauty and Comfort: Our office is a reflection of our philosophy’

Come to our office and experience a new level of luxury and comfort. Newly renovated, exquisitely designed, and luxuriously appointed, our Toronto cosmetic plastic surgery office is like no other doctor’s office you have visited before. An attentive staff and full range of aesthetic skin care services make Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery the premier destination for Toronto cosmetic surgery.

Take a virtual tour to preview our surgery centre before getting here.

Virtual Tour of Our Office

Yorkville Toronto Plastic Surgery Centre: “199 Avenue Road”

‘State-of-the-Art Care, Safety, and Convenience’

The surgery centre consists of four operating rooms with equipment and safety standards meeting or exceeding any OHP (out-of-hospital Premise) in Ontario. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has surveyed our surgery center through the (OHPIP) (Out of Hospital Premises Inspection Program), and the facility has passed inspection every time. We take your comfort and safety into primary consideration in utilizing this state-of-the-art Plastic Surgery Centre.

Take a virtual tour to preview our surgery centre before even getting here.

Virtual Tour of Our Surgery Centre

Yorkville Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Overnight Stay Centre

‘Stay for Comfort, Convenience, and Peace of Mind’

Toronto plastic surgeon Lawrence Tong, MD may recommend an evening’s stay at our Overnight Stay Centre with certain procedures. Patients may also request one to have peace of mind, or if they do not want to inconvenience their family. Whatever the reason, your stay will be in one or our lavishly appointed overnight suites, attached to the Surgical Centre. You are attended to and monitored the entire time by one of our fully-licensed registered nurses. Dr. Tong comes to visit you the next morning, eliminating the need for another appointment at his office the next day. He evaluates how you are recovering, examines your surgery sites, and performs a dressing change. Afterwards, you are allowed to go home to the care of your family.

Use of the overnight room is provided at no additional fee to you, aside from nursing staff costs. Take a virtual tour to preview our overnight stay centre before getting here.

Virtual Tour of Our Overnight Stay Centre