Are You Considering Plastic Surgery in Toronto?


When considering cosmetic surgery in Toronto, make sure you do your research thoroughly.

Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery is based on a simple philosophy: Focus exclusively on cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery, and deliver an extraordinary patient experience founded on the pillars of outstanding service, top-notch facilities, expert surgeon, and first-rate surgical results.

Lawrence Tong, MD, FACS, FRCSC is a Toronto plastic surgeon with board-certification in the United States and Canada. His surgical training hails from the world-renowned University of Michigan, and he enjoys nearly a decade of exclusive cosmetic surgery practice experience in the United States. Returning to his hometown, Dr. Tong has established Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery, a culmination of his years of acquired knowledge and experience in America.

Our stunning plastic surgery complex is at 199 Avenue Road, situated steps from the heart of Yorkville. It houses our offices, private accredited surgery centre, and overnight facilities, all carefully considered to meet your needs.

Do your research. If you are searching for a practice with an unparalleled commitment to personal service, patient amenities, safety standards, and above all, excellence in surgical outcomes, we are confident your quest will lead to our door.

We are Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery.
We practise The Art of Beauty.