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Summer’s here, looking for the best summer treatment options? Some treatments require you to avoid the sun and/or use a high SPF diligently as they increase your photosensitivity. This can result in uneven pigmentation, more sensitive skin, and an increased chance of burning. Some treatments target pigment in skin and cannot be performed on tanned skin. Save the more aggressive treatments, with more restrictions, for the fall and winter.

Choose lighter forms of exfoliation such as an enzyme, less aggressive chemical peels, and micro is another way to help keep your treatment summer friendly. Changes in weather can result in changes in the skin, be sure to customize your treatment to address these changes. Treatment masks in a facial are one way to target and address these changing concerns as well as address more than one concern of the face.

Some treatments to consider to help mix up your summer time routine are med spa facials, light chemical peels, micro, and laser genesis.  All these treatments can be beneficial and can be done any time of year. However, no matter the treatment being done, proper SPF use is always required for the health of your skin. As unprotected sun exposure damages and ages skin, your skin professional may still advise you restrict your sun exposure to aid in reaching your goals.