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A significant proportion of Asian men and women either do not have a crease above the lid margin of their upper eyelid, or they have a low-lying fold that is barely noticeable. This characteristic – commonly referred to as a “single fold” lid – is one key element that distinguishes the appearance of the upper eyelid in Asian patients from that of Caucasian patients who tend to have a “double fold” lid.

Also known as “Asian double fold surgery” or “double eyelid surgery,” Asian blepharoplasty is a specialized upper lid blepharoplasty technique designed to remove excess skin and fat – if necessary/desired – while also creating a crease (supratarsal fold) in the upper lid. This supratarsal fold is widely considered to be more attractive for both genders, and it can help enhance the size, expressiveness, and overall aesthetic of the eye for many individuals of Asian descent. Asian blepharoplasty is considered a niche procedure outside of Asia, especially in North America. Not all plastic surgeons may have experience or a level of comfort in performing this type of procedure.

Despite the name of the procedure, it’s important to note that not every Asian patient needs to receive Asian blepharoplasty to attain their eyelid enhancement goals. Some Asian patients naturally have a double fold and simply seek to rejuvenate their eyelids in similar fashion to a non-Asian patient. For these individuals, traditional upper blepharoplasty can often be an excellent option. During this procedure, skin and fat can be carefully removed while respecting certain ethnic characteristics of the eyes.

Ultimately, for the reasons expressed above, I strongly encourage prospective blepharoplasty patients to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has vast experience and demonstrable results with all variations of eyelid surgery in order to help ensure they receive the safest, most effective treatment for their unique needs and desires.

Lawrence Tong, MD

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