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A facelift is designed to address common signs of the natural aging process that can affect both the face and neck. By eliminating excess skin, repositioning facial fat to address volume loss in the cheeks, and removing excess fat beneath the chin, our plastic surgeon can help patients attain a more youthful appearance. While the benefits of a facelift are clear to most women and men, many prospective patients naturally wonder how long they can expect these results to last.

After a facelift, patients can enjoy smoother skin, fuller cheeks, a sleeker jawline, and reduced signs of aging in the neck. These changes can make a patient look years younger, but a facelift cannot halt the natural aging process. The results of a facelift are considered to be long-lasting, and most patients would see little benefit from having another facelift for at least 7-10 years following surgery. It is also important to keep in mind that beyond 10 years, a patient would still have a more youthful appearance than if they never had a facelift at all.

To prolong the results of a facelift, Dr. Tong advises taking the necessary precautions to avoid excessive sun exposure and tobacco products. Patients should also strive to maintain a relatively stable weight. Individuals who eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and wear daily sunscreen go a long way towards keeping their skin looking healthy and vibrant for as long as possible. Additionally, patients are advised to be on a medical skin care regimen to maintain their skin’s vitality, which translates into longer-lasting results. Finally, many facelift patients can prolong their results by using dermal fillers to help maintain volume and neurotoxins to smooth out wrinkles that develop as aging continues. With these measures, even a decade later, the majority of facelift patients at Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery do not choose to undergo a second procedure and are very satisfied with their results.

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