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A micro and a light to medium chemical peel can be done in the same appointment. This treatment is not best for over sensitive or thin skin. Both micro and peels exfoliate the skin, this could be too harsh and irritate some skin types. It is best to start with either one treatment or the other to see how skin responds before considering the combined treatment.

The micro will happen after the cleansing in this combined treatment. It will act as our first form of exfoliation, leaving a slight pink tone to the skin, concentrating on the top layer which consists of the dead skin cells. This will physically remove these cells and allow the chemical peel to work at the deeper layers of the skin.

The chemical peel will be preformed after the micro. It is common to feel the peel a bit more intensely when the micro was preformed first as the top layer of cells has been removed. However the peel should still be comfortable and can be customized for the skin. Warmth, tingling, and itching are all common sensations experienced during a peel. Since the peel is able to work deeper in the skin this can provide better results then either treatment done alone. Thick, course, and congested skin can also greatly benefit form the combined treatment allowing a deep cleanse and exfoliation when the individual treatments do not provide enough exfoliation.