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This is a question I hear commonly from prospective breast augmentation patients who desire and/or are planning to have children in the future. Prior to answering this question, it is important to first call attention to the fact that the various changes women experience during pregnancy and breastfeeding will be unique to every individual. As a result, some females will encounter entirely different physical changes than others. That said, the great majority of women with breast implants (as well as those who don’t have implants) will experience some degree of breast swelling during pregnancy, generally followed by subtle to significant volume loss once nursing has stopped.

Regardless of the specific changes that may occur during and after pregnancy, the form and integrity of breasts implants should not be compromised, no matter the type of implants that were placed. This does not mean, however, that the look and feel of the breasts will return exactly to their pre-pregnancy state. Depending on the particular physical changes experienced, some women might notice an excess of skin or drooping (ptosis) in the breasts. If this is the case – and if desired – a breast lift (mastopexy) and/or larger implants may be an excellent option for restoring the breast shape, size, and projection achieved with the original breast augmentation.

Ultimately, it is nearly impossible to predict the degree to which the breasts will change during pregnancy with 100% accuracy, but regardless of what physical changes occur, the form and structural integrity of breast implants should remain intact.

Dr. Lawrence Tong, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon