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Earlobe repair corrects ear lobe stretching or tears from earring usage.
Earlobe reduction reduces the size of large earlobes.

If you have torn or split earlobes, or large earlobes, you may benefit from these procedures provided by our plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Tong.

Details of the Torn or Stretched Earlobe Correction and Earlobe Reduction

Ear lobe surgery is performed with local anesthesia in Dr. Tong’s office. It is a minor procedure and should take Dr. Tong less than 15 minutes to complete each ear. The edges of the torn or split lobe are incised so that the there will be two fresh wound edges to stitch together. If you are having earlobe reduction, Dr. Tong removes a wedge-shaped piece of the earlobe. Next, the wound edges are re-aligned and meticulously stitched together. After the last stitches are placed, a small surgical tape is applied.

Torn Earlobe/Earlobe Reduction Recovery

You will be allowed to go home or even back to work following the procedure. Aside from strenuous exercise, and activities that could injure the ear, you can go about your normal activities. Pain is typically mild and treated with Tylenol. At 10-14 days after the repair, you will have an appointment to see Dr. Tong and have your stitches removed.

You will likely be allowed to start light exercise (e.g. walking) 1 day after surgery. Avoid strenuous activity until 1 week after surgery. After the initial post-op visit, you will follow up with Dr. Tong at 6 months. Post-op photos will also be taken at these visits.

Get Educated about Torn Earlobe Repair/Earlobe Reduction

To learn more about how Dr. Tong can help you with improving the appearance of earlobes, set up a consultation by giving us a call at (416) 972-0999. If you wish, let us give you a call; just fill out our contact form and we will call you on the same or the next business day.

Earlobe Reduction/ Torn Lobe Repair at a Glance

What the procedure does
Repairs torn lobes from earring use/ Reduces large or elongated earlobes
Duration of the result
Length of time to perform the procedure
15 minutes
Type of anesthetic most commonly used
Local anesthesia
Length of time off of work
0 days (patients can go back to work immediately)
Time to get back to exercise
2 weeks for heavy exercise
Pitfalls your Plastic Surgeon should avoid
  • Asymmetrical correction
  • Visible scars
  • Notching of the lobes

Dr. Lawrence Tong has either authored or reviewed and approved this content.