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It takes both at home and in-office treatments to achieve your skincare goals. No matter the concerns you’re trying to address optimal results cannot be achieved solely relying on one or the other. The kinds of treatments and products chosen, and the frequency which they are required, vary depending on your individual needs. With an evaluation by a skincare professional you can receive recommendations as to how to reach your goals. As individuals can respond diffidently it may take a bit of time to find what works best for your skin.

In-office treatments include facials, peels, microdermabrasion, IPL, and laser genesis are more aggressive treatments than offered home products. They are more powerful and address issues at deeper and different levels than home care does. This is also why you want to ensure the skincare specialist is properly trained and knowledgeable. While they do not require extensive downtime, you may have some limitations or follow some home care steps post-treatment. To properly address skin concerns these treatments should not be done too often as the skin needs optimal time to heal.

Daily home care is the other half of the equation. Skin needs daily care in order to have proper protection and correct any concerns. Consistency is key when it comes to skin care. Be honest with yourself when starting to implement a skin care routine. Skin care routines can be established for all kinds of lifestyles and customized to fit your skin and lifestyle. Having a proper skin care routine aids your skin in preparing for more aggressive treatments done in-office and helps maintain overall skin health. Treatment products can be used to help aid in achieving results ,and boots the results achieved in the treatment room. This allows for the best possible result for both treatment room and home care investments.