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After any procedure, especially surgical procedures, skin is more vulnerable. Following all post-procedure instructions will allow for optimal healing and the best possible results. Once it is recommend ensure to implement a skin care routine as this will help ensure you upkeep the most optimal results possible, especially when addressing signs of aging.

After care to maintain the desired results should be considered both before and after undergoing a surgical procedure. When addressing aging, the face and neck area in particular, you will want to implement a routine to ensure you get the most out of your investment. A skincare routine can be developed to meet a range of needs, lifestyles and budgets. All of these should be considered and discussed with your skincare specialist when developing your routine.

Immediately after your procedure you may require a different routine then what will be suggested a few weeks or even years fallowing your procedure. Over time skin changes, ensure to openly communicate with your skincare specialist often to develop the routine that is best for you.  Prevention of further aging will be key in maintaining your overall results. A daily SPF is a must for everyone, on all exposed skin regardless of the treatment, to help maintain skin health and a youthful appearance. Products high in antioxidants, pepdites, growth factors, and many others will help address individual needs. A skin care specialist will be able to pick products and ingredients to best suit your skin and answer any questions you may have.