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There are many misconceptions about retinol. From thinning skin, to making skin very sensitive there are a lot of misconceptions which make people hesitant to use a retinol. Retinol can benefit a wide range of skin concerns when used properly.

Retinol does exfoliate the skin, and does remove the top layer of dead skin. However, this process does not thin the skin. Retinol can actually make skin more plump by stimulating new cells. The top most layer of skin cells are dead and naturally exfoliated off. As this layer gets thicker with age skin looks more dull, and a product cannot penetrate the skin as effectively. It is recommend that an SPF is worn regardless weather you are using a retinol, other exfoliation products, or no exfoliation products.

Retinol is known to cause skin irritation and discomfort. When used properly retinol can be very comfortable and beneficial for the skin. When beginning a retinol you want to gradually introduce it to your routine. A skin professional can tell you how often to apply a retinol when first starting out. Typically it is a couple times a week, working up to applying it more often. It is also best to begin with a low dose of retinol and work up to higher percentages as skin becomes used to the product. If retinol is not introduced gradually chances of skin irritation and discomfort increase.

Like anything, retinol takes time to work. Results will not be seen overnight, but gradually with consistency. It is always best to consult a skincare professional before starting or changing the dose or frequency of your retinol routine to ensure optimal results and comfort.