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Whether you’re looking to do your consultation and treatment on the same day or spaced out over multiple treatments, there are a few things you should consider to bring with you. You will not be required to bring anything with you during the consultation. Necessary paperwork will be provided for you to fill out upon arrival. All areas of desired treatment will be assessed to determine if you are a candidate for treatment. In some circumstances a washable marker will be utilized to best outline the treatment plan on the body to provide an accurate quote.
Photos will be taken at the beginning of the appointment on your treatment day. You will have the option of wearing your own clothing, or disposable undergarments. For accuracy when comparing results the clothing worn in the first set of photos should be worn for all photos. During treatment you will once again have the option of wearing your own clothing or using disposable undergarments as there are no clothing restrictions. It is recommended the clothing worn be comfortable pieces you don’t care about possibly getting gel on, as the treatment can be a bit messy from the gel pads. You may feel a slight gel residue until you have an opportunity to shower, however most of the product will be off the skin after completion of the treatment. Coloured markers are used for marking the area to be treated but these marks are easily removed in the shower as well.
Treatment times can very depending on the areas to be treated so keep entertainment in mind as well. Depending on the area being treated one cycle or one single treatment (aka one arm) ranges from 35 to 75 minutes. The med spa does offer some services that can be preformed sanctimoniously with your treatment. In addition, the med spa has Wi-Fi and magazines and it is acceptable to bring along reading material, cell phones, laptops, and other forms of entertainment that allow you to remain mostly still during treatment. Movements are restricted so as not to disturb the treatment head. During treatment you are perfectly capable of both eating and drinking as suits your needs. For long appointments food or snacks would be recommended for your comfort. Ensuring hydration levels is crucial for everyone, however bathroom breaks can be done in between cycles only. No matter the length of your appointment we hope to ensure your utmost comfort throughout treatment.