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New and old scars can be a concern for many people for varying reasons. The size, location, colour, and texture of the scar can all pose a concern. There are many different scar treatment products available to address many of these concerns. Outline will be options offered through our clinic, not all possible scar improving options on the market. The products outline have be specially chosen due to results.

New scars, such as surgical scars are still in the healing process. Treatments for a new scar should be started as soon as possible as approved by your medical professional. For patients undergoing surgery, resulting in a fresh scar, we offer two products to help reduce the appearance of said scar. These products can be used together or alone depending on individual needs. The first product is a scar gel which is applied twice daily to the scar to help the heal time and improve the colour of the scar. The other option is an adhesive strip placed over the scar to help the scar lay flat. Ensure to wear the strip as much as possible to allow it to hold the scar flat. Both products and full instructions for individual needs are available at the clinic.

To improve the appearance of an old pre-existing scar there are options to consider, however an assessment may be necessary to determine the option which would be most beneficial. Depending on particular concerns a scar revision may be recommended. This would involve a slightly larger incision, thus larger scar. This can be used when correcting raised, uneven scars. Injections can also be utilized in some cases to address the appearance of a scar. When considering either of these options ensure to consult your doctor about expectations. Lastly, there is Laser Genesis to help improve the look of a scar. The laser feels warm to the skin and helps to improve the colour, and texture of the scar.

All scar treatments are designed to help improve the look of the scar. Keep in mind there are limitations and everyone heals differently.