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Many patients at our Toronto practice visit Dr. Lawrence Tong in search of a way to improve the contour under their neck and eliminate submental fat in the region, which can create the appearance of a “double chin.” Whether a more defined neck profile is being inhibited by excess fatty deposits, stretched skin, loose musculature, or a combination of all these factors, our board-certified plastic surgeon offers a number of surgical and non-surgical solutions to achieve the sleeker, leaner aesthetic you desire.

In general, chin and neck liposuction is considered the most effective way to reduce excessive fullness in the chin and neck region. Using a single tiny incision and a narrow surgical instrument called a cannula, fatty deposits under the chin are extracted, thereby creating a slimmer and sharper facial profile. This technique can be very effective if fatty tissue is the only component contributing to the look of a double chin; however, if a smoother neck contour is also being inhibited by horizontal neck bands, loose skin, or muscle laxity (platysmal bands), a neck lift is usually better suited to address these concerns more comprehensively. The procedure utilizes a number of discreet incisions behind the ears and beneath the chin to access the framework of the neck, allowing correction of excess fat, loose skin, and lax musculature. The neck lift (and its related procedures, such as extended neck lift and lower facelift) can treat more tissue components than simple liposuction. This allows for a greater degree of surgical control in resolving a “turkey neck” to achieving a tighter, younger-looking appearance.

For individuals seeking a non invasive treatment that doesn’t require downtime, CoolSculpting® can provide an excellent non-surgical alternative to achieve a slimmer look under the chin. During an in-office session, CoolSculpting® exposes the neck to very cold temperatures via a handheld applicator controlled by sophisticated cooling technology. The fat cells are then destroyed and flushed out of the body through natural metabolic processes, resulting in a leaner neck profile. While capable of achieving beautiful results without anesthesia or needles, CoolSculpting® has certain limitations. Similar to liposuction, it may not be the best fat reduction technique for patients with poor skin elasticity. Visible results from Coolsculpting also take longer to be seen compared to liposuction.  Dr. Tong will evaluate your concerns during a private consultation to help you determine the best way to reduce fullness in your neck and attain your ideal enhancement.

For more information on our fat reduction treatments, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our practice today.