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A brow lift, also referred to as a forehead lift, is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to achieve a younger-looking and rejuvenated brow and forehead region. Signs of aging can be pronounced in the forehead due to factors such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, and the formation of wrinkling from repeated facial expressions. As a result, many patients have ‘permanent’ horizontal forehead creases, vertical frown lines, and sagging brow skin that can yield an elderly appearance in the upper facial region. Furthermore, over time, the aging process causes the eyebrows to droop to a lower position, causing excess skin to descend into the eyelids (especially laterally), creating a look of stress, anger, or constant tiredness.

For patients in Toronto and surrounding areas seeking to address signs of aging in the forehead and brow region, plastic surgeon Lawrence Tong, MD offers brow lift surgery to resolve these concerns and achieve a refreshed, natural-looking outcome. The procedure is designed to (i) alleviate and tighten lax skin in the forehead, (ii) smooth horizontal forehead wrinkles and “frown lines” between the eyebrows, and (iii) elevate the brows to a more pleasing and youthful position. Dr. Tong typically utilizes the endoscopic brow lift technique, which employs specialized surgical instruments via shorter incisions than a traditional ‘open’ approach. This results in a less invasive surgery with a shorter recovery period and lesser risk of complications when compared to a conventional ‘open’ brow lift procedure. Some patients may not require a full brow lift and may be candidates for a lateral brow lift. A lateral brow lift is a smaller procedure that emphasizes elevating only the tail of the brow. Oftentimes, patients will combine brow lift surgery with an eyelid lift for total rejuvenation of the eye and brow areas. After assessing your needs in a consultation, Dr. Tong can help you determine which option is the most ideal treatment to achieve your cosmetic goals.

If you have any questions about the brow lift procedure, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our practice today.