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At Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery, I employ three different techniques for neck lift surgery: mini neck lift, traditional neck lift, and extended neck lift. Determining the most appropriate approach for patients seeking surgical rejuvenation of the neck region depends on the individual’s anatomy and the extent to which he or she seeks correction.

Mini Neck Lift and Traditional Neck Lift

A patient with neck fat and platysmal bands (vertical cords on the neck), but no skin laxity would likely benefit from a mini neck lift. The surgery consists of liposuction of the neck and surgical correction of the platysmal bands. However, if the same patient also has skin laxity present, a traditional neck lift would be recommended. This technique is essentially a mini neck lift with the addition of skin tightening through redraping and removal of excess skin. (To be clear, a patient with skin laxity can still receive a mini neck lift but would run the risk of having some “sagging” skin afterwards.)

Extended Neck Lift

A patient may be considered a good candidate for an extended neck lift if they need the benefits of a traditional neck lift, plus they also need improvement to the jawline and lower face (i.e. jowls and marionette lines). Should this be the case, the rejuvenation of both the neck and jowl region is accomplished by extending the area of surgery to include the lower facial region.

Ultimately, the most appropriate neck lift technique will be determined after a thorough evaluation of the patient’s unique needs and goals. In some instances, surgery may not be necessary to improve the appearance of the neck region. For more information about all available options for neck rejuvenation, stay tuned for my next blog post.

Dr. Lawrence Tong, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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