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How Can I Benefit from Lower Eyelid Surgery?
Noticeable “eye bags,” fine wrinkles, crepe-like skin, and dark circles under the eyes are some of the many signs of lower eyelid aging that numerous men and women begin to experience over time. Typically caused by protruding pockets of fat combined with loss of skin elasticity and chronic sun exposure, these common aesthetic concerns can often make people appear tired or worn out, despite how they truly feel.

For individuals interested in reversing some or all of these aging indications in the lower lids, lower blepharoplasty – commonly referred to as lower eyelid surgery – can often be an excellent option. Using this technique, fat removal and sculpting can be performed to eliminate under-eye “bags” and achieve a smoother contour. If necessary, a small amount of skin can also be e
xcised to reduce wrinkles, and the remaining skin can be tightened. Following the procedure, the lower eyelid and cheek should blend seamlessly together, and no fat bulges or “bags” should be present. Other improvements from this procedure include removal of lax or redundant skin, and reduction in wrinkles.

If you are considering lower eyelid surgery, I highly recommend seeking the expertise of board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience and proven results with all forms of eyelid surgery, as lower blepharoplasty is widely considered a technically demanding procedure. By doing so, you can better ensure you receive all the benefits of eyelid surgery through the safest, most effective means possible.

Lawrence Tong, MD

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