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Patients who come to my practice interested in chin augmentation have two viable options: dermal fillers and chin implants. For those who are interested in mild to moderate degrees of enhancement, dermal fillers may be the preferable method, especially if the individual is unsure about – or does not have the time to commit to – undergoing a surgical procedure. Depending on the particular injectable, as well as how much filler is needed to achieve the desired results, chin augmentation with dermal fillers lasts an average of about six to nine months.

If a patient would like a more permanent correction and/or larger degree of enhancement, a chin implant may be the best solution. Fillers can only augment to a certain extent before they reach the physical limit of their properties. Chin implants, however, come in a variety of diverse dimensions to help achieve a more dramatic augmentation, a subtle enhancement, or anything in between. Placing chin implants does require surgery, but the procedure is relatively small compared to other cosmetic operations. The typical surgery takes approximately 45 minutes.

The ‘ideal chin size’ can be determined by examining a patient’s facial proportions. Cultural influences and a patient’s own aesthetic preferences also play a significant role. Male patients generally prefer a stronger, more squared chin, while females usually opt for a slightly softer look. There is a strong affinity for Asian female patients to request a heart-shaped chin/jaw line, which is accomplished with a specific chin implant. Most patients are able to resume non-strenuous activities after about one week.

Ultimately, both dermal fillers and implants can help add width, height, and/or projection to the chin for a more defined look and improved facial harmony. The most effective technique for each patient’s unique needs and goals can be determined after a thorough evaluation conducted during the consultation process.

Dr. Lawrence Tong, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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