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An issue I sometimes hear from patients is that they feel their chin looks “too small” and/or “weak.” For individuals experiencing this concern, I often recommend chin augmentation as a procedure that can add volume while also enhancing facial harmony. Key benefits of chin augmentation can include:

The two chin augmentation options offered at my practice are dermal fillers and chin implants. Enhancing the chin with dermal fillers can often be a great option for patients who desire a mild to moderate degree of augmentation. No surgery is required using this method, and results often last about six to nine months. For individuals seeking a more permanent solution, chin implants may be a better choice. Though this technique involves surgery, the procedure is relatively small and results can have a significant, long-term impact on the person’s appearance.

Regardless of the technique employed, chin augmentation can be easily combined with other procedures – including facelift, neck lift, mini-neck lift, and neck liposuction – for an improved overall outcome.

Lawrence Tong, MD

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