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When it comes to achieving natural-looking breast augmentation results, choosing the right implants is generally the first decision that comes to mind. While this is certainly a major factor in creating an ideal outcome, there are several other choices that can significantly impact the final results of treatment, one of which is the location of breast implant placement.

For the vast majority of women, I advise placing breast implants below the pectoral muscle (submuscular positioning) as opposed to above the muscle (subglandular positioning). In my experience, this location tends to yield the most natural-looking and feeling results due to the increased tissue coverage and smoother, more gradual contour between the implant and chest wall. Additional advantages of the submuscular placement can include a decreased risk of capsular contracture, more accurate mammogram imaging, and improved long-term support for the implant.

Although submuscular placement is generally preferred, it does not imply that placing breast implants above the pectoral muscle will result in an unnatural-looking outcome. In fact, many patients achieve excellent results with subglandular implant positioning, particularly those who have a sufficient amount of breast skin and tissue to cover the implants. To identify the best implant placement for you, I recommend scheduling a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who has considerable experience and proven results with both techniques. Following an evaluation of your unique needs and goals, the most appropriate implant location can be determined.

Lawrence Tong, MD