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As warmer weather is finally at our doorstep, double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Tong reviews five common beauty and skin care myths to help you spring clean your make-up bag and skin care routine. Everyone has their favorite shade of lipstick and homemade anti-aging face masks they swear by, but here are tips from the pros to keep you looking young and fresh this summer.

Should you say adios to your favorite foundation and mascara after 6 months?
Verdict : Not in every case. Unless there is an expiration date, it may not be time to kick it to the curb just yet! Here are some general guidelines for when you should lay your favorite liner to rest.
• After 3-6 months: liquidate those liquids! Any liquid eye liners and mascaras should be on their way out.

• After 1 year: it’s time to say farewell to foundations, concealers, cream blush, and eye shadows as well as sunblock and BB creams.

• After 2 years- Pitch the powders! That means eye shadows, blush and eye-pencil.

• After 3 years – Goo be gone! Shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer should all take a hike.

Now it’s time to clean up a few myths about why we are all caking on the make-up in the first place.

Sleeping you your face can cause wrinkles.
Verdict: Yes and no. We’re not just talking about those awful pillow lines. Although it has been noted that some side sleepers notice a subtle difference on their favored side as collagen production may be inhibited in the areas under the more pressure (such as cheek bones, chin and forehead). But not to worry for those face and side sleepers, silk pillow cases will reduce friction between your face and the pillow preventing lines and wrinkles.

Toothpaste can cure pop-up pimples.
Verdict: False. When you wake up with an unexpected (and frankly always unwelcome) zit, you’re probably willing to try almost anything to get rid of it! Some say toothpaste is the miracle remedy. Applying toothpaste to a blemish may help dry it out; but so would any inexpensive, over the counter product containing benzoyl peroxide. This way you would avoid all the pore clogging ingredients and fluoride of toothpaste.

There are no products available that can prevent wrinkles.
Verdict: False. It’s been a long winter and most of us now just want to bask in the sunlight for hours! But be careful this may be aging you skin. Taking measures to protect you skin from harmful UV rays is one of the best ways you can prevent wrinkles. This means if you are going to go enjoy in the sun, don’t go alone. Using a good sunblock with an appropriate SPF will keep the lines in the sand and not on your face! Also using products that contain Retinoid can help rejuvenate your skin.

You shouldn’t wear sunscreen if you have oily skin. It will just further clog your pores.
Verdict: False. Everybody and their great aunt has a family trick to help you balance out your oily skin! Many people dealing with oily skin forgo wearing sunscreen as they may think adding another layer of (often sticky) products to their skin will only make it worse, when in fact sunscreen may help! The oils produced in our skin are regulated by hormones not topical stimulants. A quality sunscreen with proper SPF can help prevent sun damage, wrinkles and skin cancer, keeping your skin looking young and fresh. And for those still wary of wearing, many sun blocks now come oil-free.

So now that Dr. Tong has cleared the air on some of these common skin care misconceptions, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the fresh air; equipped with the tips and tricks to hold on to that youthful summer glow for years to come.