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When performing a breast lift with augmentation, breast implants can typically be placed without the need for additional incisions, so the type of incision utilized will be dictated by the particular mastopexy method being employed. At my practice, the three different breast lift techniques I offer are periareolar mastopexy, short scar mastopexy, and traditional mastopexy.

For periareolar mastopexy, the incision will be made around the areola at the border between lighter and darker skin. Similarly, the incision used for short scar mastopexy also encircles the areola, with the addition of a vertical incision extending from the bottom of the areola down to the breast fold. For a traditional mastopexy, the incision will be the same as the short scar technique, though the scar will also continue along the breast fold (inframammary crease). Due to the strategic placement of the mastopexy incisions, the scars are generally well hidden and quite acceptable when fully healed. The visibility of scars also depends to a significant extent on how an individual tends to heal.

The specific breast lift technique performed depends on the degree of drooping present in the breasts. Generally speaking, the more drooping present, the more likely the need for the longer incisions. It is important to note that all mastopexy procedures are designed so that low-cut clothing and virtually all swimwear can effectively conceal any potential scars. The most appropriate technique for your needs will be recommended at the time of your consultation.

Lawrence Tong, MD

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