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Toronto Plastic Surgeon Answers Three FAQs about Plastic Surgery and Pregnancy

Lawrence Tong, MD of the Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery responds to a trio of common questions regarding how pregnancy can affect a previous breast augmentation or tummy tuck. Toronto, ON — For women who desire to start a family in the future, the decision to undergo certain cosmetic surgery procedures can be a bit more complex than for those who have already had children, states Dr. Lawrence Tong, a double board certified plastic surgeon in Toronto. These individuals have to consider the physical changes that typically accompany pregnancy and breastfeeding, he continues, as well as how the timing of surgery can impact the results of a treatment they may have previously received. At his practice, Dr. Tong says two procedures that often raise questions regarding plastic surgery and pregnancy are breast augmentation and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Some of the most common inquiries he hears from prospective patients include: “Will pregnancy harm my breast implants?” “Can I still breast feed with breast implants?” “Is it okay to undergo tummy tuck surgery before having kids?” According to the Toronto plastic surgeon: “Regardless of the specific changes that may occur during and after pregnancy, the form and integrity of breasts implants should not be compromised, no matter the type of implants that were placed.” That said, some woman may develop excess skin and/or breast drooping as a result of breast volume fluctuations, […]

Plastic Surgeon in Toronto Highlights Recovery After Asian Blepharoplasty

Dr. Lawrence Tong of the Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery discusses what patients can expect in regard to the recovery process for Asian blepharoplasty. Toronto, ON — Asian blepharoplasty, also known as double eyelid surgery or Asian double fold surgery, is a specialized technique for upper eyelid surgery designed to create a crease above the lashes in the upper lid, states Toronto plastic surgeon Lawrence Tong, MD. Referred to as the supratarsal fold, he continues, this crease is one characteristic that differentiates an Asian eyelid from a Caucasian eyelid, and many individuals of Asian descent find the fold to be more attractive for both women and men. Depending on the extent of the procedure, Dr. Tong explains that Asian blepharoplasty can be performed either under IV sedation or local anesthesia. Following the operation, he says patients will awaken from sedation in an anesthesia recovery area where they will be closely monitored by his experienced and attentive nursing team. When the effects of anesthesia have subsided, he notes that patients are generally able to return home under the care of a close friend or loved one. Once home, the Toronto plastic surgeon says patients are advised to relax and get plenty of rest, though activities that might cause eye strain – such as reading or watching television – should be avoided initially. Swelling and bruising are common side effects that may […]

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Reveals When Breast Lift with Implants Should Be Considered

Dr. Lawrence Tong of the Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery highlights the various benefits of combining mastopexy and breast augmentation for qualified patients. Toronto, ON — According to Toronto plastic surgeon Lawrence Tong, MD, a mastopexy (breast lift) may achieve some upper pole fullness, but the procedure performed by itself will not increase the overall size of the breasts. Likewise, a breast augmentation can often produce a minor lift, but implants alone cannot correct considerable ptosis (drooping). For these reasons, he notes that a breast lift combined with breast augmentation may be necessary to achieve optimal results for certain women seeking to rejuvenate the appearance of their breasts. In addition to simultaneously lifting and enlarging the breasts, Dr. Tong reveals that benefits of a breast lift with implants can also include an enhanced projection and contour, an elevated position for the nipple-areolar complex, and a reduction in the overall size of the areola. At his practice, the Toronto plastic surgeon says candidates for the procedure typically include patients who: Want to have their breasts lifted while also increased in size Are interested in breast augmentation but have a significant degree of ptosis Are interested in mastopexy (breast lift) but want more fullness than a breast lift can achieve Have lost breast volume and projection due to significant weight loss, pregnancy, and/or some other circumstance When breast lift is combined with […]

Plastic Surgeon in Toronto Reveals Three Rejuvenative Methods for Lip Enhancement

Dr. Lawrence Tong of Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery highlights lifting, reduction, and augmentation techniques for individuals interested in enhancing the appearance of their lips. Toronto, ON — “A youthful lip length allows approximately two to three millimeters of the upper teeth to be visible when the mouth is relaxed and slightly open,” states Toronto plastic surgeon Lawrence Tong, MD. “With aging,” he continues, “facial features such as the upper lip and corners of the mouth tend to sag, lengthening the lip and often producing a turned-down, sad appearance for the individual.” For patients experiencing this concern – as well as other issues involving the appearance of the lips – Dr. Tong offers multiple lip enhancement options at Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery. These rejuvenative methods include: Lip lifting Lip reduction Lip augmentation “A lip lift is a popular procedure for rejuvenation of the mouth due to aging or facial disproportion,” writes Dr. Tong in a recent blog post. He goes on to note that there are two different approaches to lip lifting: a central lip lift and corner lip lift. Based on the patient’s specific needs, he explains that a central lip lift can be performed to decrease the length of the upper lip, and a corner lip lift can be conducted to elevate the corners of the mouth until they reach a neutral position or slightly upward orientation […]

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Shares Two Effective Methods for Chin Augmentation

Lawrence Tong, MD highlights a non-surgical and surgical option for individuals seeking to augment the dimensions of their chin for a more defined look and enhanced facial harmony. Toronto, Ontario — “In my experience, the most common reason for chin enhancement is to augment a ‘weak’ chin,” states Dr. Lawrence Tong, a double board certified plastic surgeon in Toronto. “Other reasons include wanting to change the shape of the chin by making it wider, longer, more heart-shaped, or more symmetrical.” Based on the individual’s unique needs and goals, Dr. Tong says he offers two effective chin augmentation methods at Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery: dermal fillers and chin implants. In addition to adding volume, the Toronto plastic surgeon explains that the benefits of chin augmentation with dermal fillers or implants often include an improvement in the overall harmony and proportion of facial features. He adds that both techniques can help: Increase the length and/or width of the chin Increase the projection of the chin Decrease or eliminate dimpling of the chin Conceal jowling Regarding patient suitability for the two chin augmentation options, Dr. Tong notes that his recommendation typically depends on the patient’s desired amount of change and their inclination for surgical vs. non-surgical procedures. “For those who are interested in mild to moderate degrees of enhancement, dermal fillers may be the preferable method, especially if the individual is unsure […]

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Highlights Three Options for Neck Rejuvenation

Lawrence Tong, MD of Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery details both surgical and non-surgical techniques that can help patients improve the appearance of the neck region. Toronto, Ontario — “Neck rejuvenation is one of the more dramatic enhancements that can be accomplished with cosmetic surgery,” states Dr. Lawrence Tong, a board certified plastic surgeon in Toronto. “The presence of loose skin, platysmal banding, and fat accumulation of the neck is a central element in the perception of age. In addition, a full looking neck due to fat accumulation can make a person look much heavier than they actually are. As a result, correction of an aging or a full neck can make a very significant improvement in the appropriate candidate.” At Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Tong offers patients the following three options for improving the appearance of the neck region: BOTOX® injections Liposuction of the neck and chin Neck lift surgery (and its variants) “BOTOX® injections should generally be thought of as a non-surgical method to improve the appearance of platysmal bands,” notes the Toronto plastic surgeon. While this treatment modality has its advantages – such as a shorter procedure, no downtime, and a lower cost – he explains that the results are not permanent and generally do not replace results that can be achieved with surgical correction. Chin and neck liposuction is also an excellent option for […]

Dr. Tong’s recent CityNews interview on the Risks of Backroom Buttock Enhancement

Dr. Tong was interviewed by CityNews to give his comments on the recent case of a Markham woman who pleaded guilty to a series of illegal buttock injections that were performed using an undetermined industrial substance. Several people in the GTA suffered complications due to these botched attempts. Buttock enhancement has skyrocketed in popularity due to a number of celebrities who have openly promoted their generous assets, including Nicki MinaJ, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian. The procedure is commonly known as a Brazilian Butt lift, and involves removing fat from one area of the body, and injecting it into the buttock region. Only a qualified plastic surgeon should be performing the procedure in a hospital or an accredited operating facility. Unfortunately, there have been many cases in North America were DIY buttock enhancement has been performed by unscrupulous people trying to cash in on the procedure’s popularity, often with disastrous results. Dr. Tong cautions patients to never have these types of procedures performed by non-surgeons, and warns that one may risk losing life and limb when trying to have cosmetic surgery ‘on the cheap‘. Note: This video may be preceded by a third party advertisement Apple users Click here to see the video! (Opens in a new tab)

Dr. Lawrence Tong discusses a recent study stating cosmetic plastic surgery is now deemed safe for seniors, and even octogenarians!

Plastic surgery, once thought to keep the middle aged forever young, has now been deemed just as safe for their older counterparts wishing to maintain or rejuvenate their appearance. A study released by Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee, shows that cosmetic surgeries performed on patients over the age of 65 have almost identical margins for post-operative complications as those for younger patients. With a compilations rate of 1.94% for patients in their senior years and 1.84% for patients who are younger, the study deems these differences “statistically insignificant”. The only procedure that showed a higher complication rate among older patients was Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)—5.4% to 3.9%, respectively. Further in the study, the author states that plastic surgery is even safe for those in their octogenarian year, with a post-operative complication rate of 2.2%. Dr. Tong agrees but adds that age is not the only factor used to evaluate whether a patient is a suitable candidate for surgery. Other very important factors include prior medical history (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity etc…), smoking history, prior surgical procedures, and any difficulties with prior anesthetics, to name a few. When appropriate, further coordination between the anesthesia staff and a patient’s own physician(s) may occur to determine a patient’s suitability. We strive to provide the highest quality care for adult patients of all ages, and patient safety is our highest concern. […]

Toronto Plastic Surgeon Differentiates Between Traditional and Mini Facelift Surgery

Dr. Lawrence Tong of Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery reveals several key distinctions of mini facelift surgery. Toronto, Ontario — The mini facelift is a facial rejuvenation procedure designed to improve the appearance of drooping cheeks, sagging jowls, and various other perceived cosmetic issues located on the face. At Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery, Toronto plastic surgeon Lawrence Tong, MD says this customizable technique is a popular option for patients who have started to notice signs of aging on the face but do not yet have significant indications of aging on the neck. The main difference between a mini facelift and a traditional facelift is the extent of the targeted treatment area, explains Dr. Tong. “A traditional facelift is performed to rejuvenate both the face and the neck. In contrast, the mini facelift is a subset of the traditional facelift, and is employed to target signs of aging on the face from the jaw line and above, without directly rejuvenating the neck.” As a result of this smaller treatment area, the Toronto plastic surgeon notes the mini facelift requires less surgery and results in a shorter recovery period. Apart from directly addressing the neck, Dr. Tong performs the mini facelift procedure in virtually the same way he does traditional facelift surgery. During the operation, he says incisions will typically be made along natural curves of the face where the cheek […]

Dr. Tong Discusses Fat Grafting and the Dangers of ‘DIY’ Plastic Surgery

Many stories have been featured in the media recently, regarding the risks of ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) plastic surgery, in particular fat grafting and other injectable augmentation procedures. The story of an American woman named Apryl Brown is an especially tragic example that has gained international news coverage, putting the spotlight on discounted medical procedures performed by non-medical personnel. Apryl Brown’s story began when she was informed by a female acquaintance that Brown could have buttock enlargement with silicone injections at a cut-rate price. Brown agreed to the procedure, and received two courses of injections to her buttocks at the woman’s house. After experiencing severe pain and discomfort, Brown decided not to continue with the injections. Unfortunately, as time went on, her buttocks became progressively hard and painful, and the skin turned a dark colour. Five years later, the pain and disfigurement became so severe that she eventually had to have surgery to remove the silicone along with much of the buttock tissue. Complications from the surgery led to a severe life threatening infection that spread throughout her body. In order to save her life, surgeons had to perform more than twenty surgeries, including partial amputations of both of her arms and legs. Through the course of Ms. Brown’s treatment, doctors discovered that what she had in fact been injected with was silicone bathroom caulking. Non-physicians performing quasi-medical procedures in basements and […]

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